Student Internship Opportunity for UNM and CNM students

Fall 2018 to Fall 2019 (one year)
Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program

What is the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program?
The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program (Partners Program) is a voluntary partnership program, within the US Fish and Wildlife Service, that provides technical and financial assistance to non-Federal landowners (Tribal nations, private individuals, schools, counties, etc.) to improve fish and wildlife habitats for Federal trust species (e.g., threatened, endangered, and candidate species, migratory birds, and other declining species). Essentially, the Partners Program helps communities and individuals restore and improve the health of the land for both wildlife and people. With more than half of New Mexico in private ownership, there are ample opportunities for environmental restoration. This internship will help landowners, communities, and other partners with planning, designing, implementing, and monitoring for restoration projects ranging from in-stream fish habitat project, to high-alpine grassland restoration, to small outdoor classroom pollinator gardens, to watershed-scale storm water harvesting projects.

Description of Student Internship Duties
This internship will immerse the student in various aspects of the environmental planning process, which might include site assessment and inventory to project implementation and post-project monitoring. Interns will delve into community development aspects as well. Working with the Partners Program and colleagues, the student intern will outline a plan of action for the period of work, which can be tailored toward the student interest and the needs of the respective agencies. Funding is available for this internship.

Below are some examples of projects the student intern might work on:
– Help document and implement a youth awareness and community engagement strategy around enhancing native pollinator habitat throughout the agricultural/urban landscape.
– Help develop, implement, and monitor a community-based river restoration project with a focus on cultural plantings on either City or Tribal lands
– Assist with a hands-on course on watershed restoration field methods.
– Develop, implement, and synthesize a curriculum lesson plans for high-school and college students around ecological restoration praxis.
– Work with non-profit and community groups to revive the school campus as outdoor learning spaces

Student Benefits
– Real-time experience in environmental restoration planning and implementation
– Help make a ‘on-the-ground’ difference in collaboration with Federal, non-profit, and otherorganizations
– Learn about various programs, agencies, strategies, etc. that exist to support communities to conserve the
environmental health (biological diversity, accessible water resources, etc.) of the land.
– Help develop the environmental planning capacity of a Federal agency

– Office space will be made available for this internship at the New Mexico Ecological Services Field Office
located at 2105 Osuna Rd NE, Alb, 87113. Other working options can be negotiated.
Interested in Applying?
If you have any questions, or if you are interested in applying please send a letter of interest, three (3)
references with contacts, and your resume/CV to Maceo Martinet at the following email:
Office: 505-761-4752
Deadline is Oct 8, 2018 or when filled.