Interview Tips

Congratulations!  You got a job interview….now what?

Downloadable and Printable version: interview-tips  

Common interview questions

-tell me a little about yourself.

-Why are you interested in this position

-What are some of your strengths?  Weaknesses?  


Before the interview

-Make sure you know where the interview will take place and arrive 15 minutes early.  

-Prepare questions for the interviewer, like the expectations for the job, the timeline, or any other questions you have

-Bring three copies of your resume.  They might already have a copy, but it’s better to be prepared.

-review your resume before your interview so you are familiar with it and can answer any questions the interviewer might have without looking.

-look up some common interview questions and have responses prepared

-visit the company’s or organization’s website and read about their current and past projects.  


During the interview

-when walking into the room shake hands firmly, smile, and greet the interviewer.  

-it’s alright to take short notes

-take a minute to breath between being asked the question and answering, even if you know what you are going to say.  

-at the end, thank the interviewer or interviewers for their time and their consideration of you for the position.  

After the interview

-Send a thank you note or email to the interviewer/s within 24 hours.  The note should restate why you want the job, answer any question they may have had for you during the interview, and thank them again for their consideration of you for the position.  

-Keep looking for jobs or internships!  There are always lots of qualified applicants that can’t get the one spot.  Any interview is a good chance to practice your interview skills and selling yourself.  Keep at it!