CCNM Crew Lead: Rare Plant Monitoring

Term Length: April-October 2019
Pay: $680 per week
Job Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico, United StatesPosition Type: Full-Time/Regular
The crew lead will supervise two crew members for the New Mexico Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Rare Plant Monitoring Initiative. More information about New Mexico’s rare plants, can be found here. The 2019 crew will consist of three individuals: one crew lead and two crew members. Together, they will monitor rare plants in remote areas on BLM lands across NM, particularly in areas where multiple-use land management (i.e. energy extraction) impacts rare plants are expected. Due to the inevitable proximity of monitoring plots to well pads and industrial equipment, safety is a prerequisite and will guide how fieldwork is conducted. Crews will be required to drive to different areas throughout New Mexico, camp overnight, potentially hike several miles a day, and return to the office for equipment and data management.  
Qualifications include – Bachelor’s degree in botany, plant ecology, plant biology, plant systematics, eclogy; or experience with botany and degree in range/soil science, wildlife biology, natural resource management, conservation biology, or a related field. Applicants must be aged at least 21 and physically capable of standing/walking, lifting/carrying up to 40 lbs in upwards of 100F heat while maintaining cheery/neutral attitude. Experience and willingness to spend 1-6 days car camping. Experience safely operating 4WD trucks on unpaved roads.

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