Barrio Youth Corps Crew Member

Conservation Legacy – Albuquerque, NM
Southwest Conservation Corps Mission

Empowering individuals to positively impact their lives, their communities and the environment.

Barrio Youth Corps Program Overview

Each crew consists of 4 members and 1 leader. The Farm Corps will engage 5 youth and two leaders in a 24 week agricultural and natural resource protection program. The program will use traditional methods to plant and maintain two farming plots to grow native crops and save heirlooms seeds. The Crew Leaders and Corpsmembers will participate in a comprehensive education program over the duration of the program. The education/training aspect of the program will include information about farming, the history of Acoma, healthy lifestyles and additional topics.

Position Overview : Crew Leaders will be responsible for field preparation, planting, leading and teaching Corpsmembers and volunteers and completing the fall harvest. Crew Leaders will be guided by local farmers knowledgeable in traditional farming methods. Crew Leaders are responsible for keeping Crew Members safe and managing daily logistics of the project.

Schedule: Members will work approximately 40 hours a week starting May 1st for training, preparing farming plots for planting.

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