​Event​ ​Coordinator

Job​ ​Title:​ ​Event​ ​Coordinator
Location:​ ​Albuquerque,​ ​NM
Salary:​ ​$17/hr,​ ​maximum​ ​of​ ​250​ ​hrs.
Start​ ​Date:​ ​January​ ​8th,​ ​2018
End​ ​Date:​ ​April​ ​16,​ ​2018

Organizational​ ​Summary:​ ​ ​The mission of the Recuerda a César Chávez Committee (RCCC) is
to educate our youth and communities about the legacy, life and work of the great American civil
rights leader, César Chávez. We do this by promoting his universal values and timeless vision for
a better world and engaging our communities in the spirit of service. Our vision is a community
that knows its history, celebrates together, understands the importance of service, is actively
engaged in improving the life opportunities of its people, and strives for justice for all.

Description:​ The Event Coordinator will be responsible for assisting RCCC co-chairs and event
subcommittee chairs organize to the 2018 Cesar Chavez March and Festival on April 7, 2018.

Application​ ​Deadline​ ​and​ ​Submission:​ Applications are due on November 27th, 2017 by 5:00 p.m.
We prefer all applicants submit a resume, cover letter and 3 references via email to
rcccabq@gmail.com. Please include “Event Coordinator” in the subject line.

Job​ ​Activities
• Provide weekly updates to the Co-Chairs of the core committee on all developments, work hours,
planning and scheduled deliverables. Develop a mechanism to report each week, e.g. Google+
• Attend weekly RCCC meetings to present an activity report including deliverables updating the
event committee as to what has been accomplished for each week of planning.
• Coordinate with each RCCC sub-committee chair to assess areas of need and to ensure they are
meeting planning deadlines for the March and Festival.
• Update and maintain RCCC website to reflect current events and schedules. Add photos from
previous events. Learn how to use Squarespace software, if necessary.
• Maintain and expand General Announcement (listserv) and Core RCCC email lists.
• Update and maintain RCCC Facebook page. Develop and implement social media strategy for the
RCCC Facebook page. Update photos, revise content and post regularly in attempt to increase the
number of “Likes” on the RCCC Facebook page.

• Coordinate with the Publicity and Media Sub-committee Chair in the process of designing,
printing and distribution of flyers, postcards and other publicity materials relating to the March
and Fiesta.
• Coordinate with the Publicity and Media Sub-committee for the March/Festival by drafting press
releases, media advisories, and managing public relations with local news outlets.
• Collaborate with Day of Service Coordinator the drafting of press releases and managing public
relations with local news outlets.
• Schedule media interviews and manage the recruitment of committee volunteers to give these
• Acquire any and all necessary permits for the March for Justice, including securing law
enforcement escort.
• Conduct outreach to community organizations to garner interest in tabling their organization’s
information during the Festival.
• Distribute Sí Se Puede Award call-for-nominations form. Compile nominations and distribute to
RCCC members. Order award materials and ensure materials are present for the awards
• Recruit, organize and manage volunteer groups to set-up/break down Festival materials, distribute
event programs/educational booklets during the festival, and collect new members for the listerv
during the March and Festival.
• Post-events:
o Compile and archive all published media, press and outreach materials, photos and video.
o Participate in a mandatory debrief meeting with the committee usually occurring two
weeks following the event.
o Compile all 2018 materials into a binder for archival purposes.

Knowledge​ ​and​ ​Skills
▪ Experience with community and event organizing
▪ Experience facilitating meetings
▪ Experience using social media (Facebook/basic web development) as a marketing tool
▪ Excellent written and oral communication skills
▪ Proven ability to manage multiple projects, complete assignments and meet deadlines
▪ Demonstrated ability and effectiveness in working with volunteers
▪ Ability to think and act strategically
▪ Proven self-starter and ability to work independently
▪ Positive, collaborative style
▪ Ability to work calmly under pressure
▪ Deep passion for public service

Additional​ ​Preferences
▪ Experience serving on the RCCC
▪ Knowledge of César Chávez’s legacy, the farmworker movement and civil rights
▪ Flexibility and adaptability