Summer Paid Intern Positions 

to be advertised on USAJobs

March 12 – 16, 2018

Soon to be advertised are approximately 200 temporary student appointments expected to last for the summer or one year or less.  The following jobs and grade levels may be advertised.  The number of positions and locations across the U.S. are still being determined.  You will see all positions available to apply to starting March 12th on www.usajobs.gov

  • GS-3, GS-4, or GS-5:
    • Social Science
    • Office Support
    • Biological Science
    • Engineering
    • Information
    • Business
    • Physical Sciences
  • GS-1 or GS-2 positions may be consider to hire high school and new college students for less complex work

Paid Intern Jobs… with potential to transition to a Permanent Job!

Open April 4-10th!

Administrative, Clerical, General Business, Natural Resources, and Bio Science jobs

More information on the paid intern program with potential to convert to a permanent job can be found at:

  www.fs.fed.us/working-with-us  however you must apply on www.usajobs.gov

If you’re a current student in college, trade school or other qualifying educational institution, you may be eligible. These intern positions offer paid opportunities to work in the Forest Service and explore a career while completing your education.  Students who successfully complete the program may be eligible for conversion to a permanent job with the Forest Service.  You will need to complete an application for those positions that match your academic or career goals and the specific locations you are willing to work at www.usajobs.gov