About the BEMP Stewardship Coordinator

BEMP seeks a Stewardship Coordinator who will provide contract compliance and administrative support while building and fostering key partnership’s with BEMP’s data users and funding entities. One of BEMP’s key objectives is to be essential to the management of the Rio Grande and its bosque; the Stewardship Coordinator helps position and guide BEMP towards meeting that objective.

About the Organization

BEMP ( annually provides environmental education and community science programming for up to 10,000 students, teachers, and the public, mostly from backgrounds underrepresented in science. This is done from a network of 33 field monitoring sites stretching from the Northern Pueblos to Las Cruces. BEMP is a partnership of Bosque School and the University of New Mexico, Department of Biology. BEMP’s mission: science, education, and stewardship of the Rio Grande and its watershed through long-term, hands-on student research of ecosystem response and function to inform public policy.

Key Responsibilities

Within BEMP:

Work in a collegial manner to problem solve and coordinate BEMP stewardship initiatives and activities, such as contract compliance and reporting obligations with the whole BEMP team.

Act as thought-leader on BEMP’s leadership team to provide strategic planning in the following areas: (1) organization goals and benchmarks; (2) capital campaign activities; (3) marketing and outreach; and (5) other topics as needed.

Supervise all matters related to funding and contract compliance in consultation with BEMP’s Co-Directors. This includes developing and submitting funding proposals, contract management and billing, as well as contract compliance elements such as report submissions.

Be the primary facilitator for BEMP staff and BEMP leadership team meetings.

Directly support, train, supervise, and mentor BEMP’s Office Manager and as needed support the supervision of other BEMP stewardship and intern staff within Bosque School.

In conjunction with BEMP’s Co-Director for Education and Administration, serve as BEMP’s key point person in working with Bosque School’s Human Resources, Business Office staff, and Development Department.

Beyond BEMP

Participate in meetings and field sessions with BEMP’s agency funding partners and data users to refine BEMP’s effectiveness in supporting their adaptive management strategies of the Rio Grande and its riverside forest, the bosque.

Work with other members of BEMP’s leadership team to tell BEMP’s story on a local, regional, and national level.

Serve as the primary staff member to support BEMP’s volunteer Advisory Council members.

Supporting Responsibilities

Assist other members of the BEMP team in the preparation of program reports.

Work with BEMP’s Office Manager to edit and write BEMP’s newsletter, maintain BEMP’s website, provide material for BEMP’s social media presence, and assist with on-time delivery of BEMP reports.

Promote and market BEMP in coordination with Bosque School’s Marketing Department.

Support BEMP’s parent organizations, Bosque School and UNM, with fulfilling their missions.

Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Excellent listener and facilitator with diverse cultural competencies. Able to move fluidly across groups of people involved with the Rio Grande and bosque. BEMP’s partners come from and represent many different perspectives and backgrounds and BEMP’s Stewardship Coordinator must have the ability to work productively and respectfully with all of them.

Master’s degree in natural resource, communications, administration, or related field.

At least 5 years relevant work experience including at least 3 years of contract compliance, environmental, social profit supervisory and/or leadership experience, or related skills.

Demonstrated passion for environmental stewardship with an understanding of community science.

Great flexibility and multitasking skills. A typical week might involve planning and running a staff meeting, editing and compiling different report elements from various BEMP staff to include in a performance report to a funding federal natural resource agency, working out the hiring details for a summer intern, and visiting with an ecologist who uses BEMP data to inform their management decisions about the bosque.

Desired Qualifications

General scientific and ecological knowledge (Southwest riparian ecosystem knowledge preferred) with the ability to listen well to natural resource managers.

Spanish speaker

Position Details

Position is based at Bosque School, Albuquerque, NM with most work taking place at either Bosque School or BEMP’s UNM offices.

Involves occasional evening and weekend assignments.

The position is part time, at 60%, with the possibility to increase to 80 or 100% depending upon the successful candidate’s particular skill set.

The position is supervised by the Co-Director of BEMP based at Bosque School and works in cooperation with the Co-Director of BEMP based at UNM.

Employee will regularly be outdoors—in and along the Rio Grande and its riverside forest — on and off uneven trails in a variety of weather conditions. Employee needs to be able to lift 25 pounds. Employee must be a positive team member in field conditions.

School information

Founded in 1994 and located on a 45-acre site in the bosque along the Rio Grande in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Bosque School’s mission is to prepare young men and women to become lifelong learners with the highest character values and academic goals in a natural New Mexico setting with strong family and community involvement. The school embodies the best of traditional independent education while embracing a progressive and inventive approach to learning. Currently, there are 500 students in grades 6 -12. There are over 60 faculty members with over half of them holding advanced degrees. The average class size is 18.

Application Materials and Process

Applicants should email a cover letter and resume to Deadline for submission of applications is Friday October 5th 2018. Position is open until filled. Finalists will have an on-site interview. Finalists will be asked to provide references and at least one professional writing sample.

Starting Date

Prefer by November 1st 2018, but will consider a slightly later start date.

Non-Discrimination and Disability Policy

Bosque School is an equal opportunity employer and makes all employment decisions, including those related to recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, and recognition of individuals on the basis of their ability and job related qualifications and without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or any other classification proscribed under applicable federal, state, or local law. We actively seek diversity among faculty and administration as well as among students. The school complies with the law regarding reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. Applicants requiring reasonable accommodation in order to participate in the application/interview process are requested to contact the School in order to arrange such accommodation.