Santa Fe Botanical Garden Youth Conservation Corps Lead


YCC Lead


Yes (volunteers)



Pay Grade:


Reports to:

Education Director

Created Date:

January 12th, 2018


Full time, temporary

Application Due:

April 15th, 2018

Other requirements:

Applicants must have been a resident of NM for 6 months

Applicants must be 25 yrs old or younger for the course of the project



Cover letter

Three references

Submit Application to:

Mollie Parsons

Santa Fe Botanical Garden

725 Camino Lejo, Suite E

Santa Fe, NM 87505

Purpose of Position

Plan, implement, and oversee Master Naturalist Curriculum creation. Supervise YCC crew members. Restore habitat and create and maintain trails for the Santa Fe Botanical Garden

Core Competencies

 Leadership

 Organizational skills

 Problem solving

 Interest and/or knowledge of natural resource management

 Self-motivated

 Clean drivers record and current drivers license

 Access to a reliable vehicle

 21-25 years old

 6 month resident of NM

 Applicants must be unemployed as of one pay period before the start date

 BA or equivalent experience in the field

 Computer literate, including Word and PowerPoint

 Desire to learn

 Strong Interpersonal Skills

 Collaborative Team Player

 Clear Communication, Written, Verbal, and Phone

 Flexibility in work environment

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

Master Naturalist Responsibilities:

 Report to SFBG Education Director

 Supervise other YCC members

 Set a realistic timeline and deliverables for YCC Crew

 Business planning and sustainability plan, including helping to apply for funding through grants

 Implement successful Master Naturalist program

 Meet with other New Mexico Master Naturalist chapters

 Work with the advisory board to outline project needs and report progress to the advisory committee

 Meet with stakeholders (individuals, businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, and governmental agencies) to better understand the needs of natural resource management in NM

 Complete MN goals, timeline, program evaluation, and curricula as final documents

 Explore other audiences for the finalized curriculum, including high school or college students

 Confirm and schedule locations, speakers, and field studies for MN Training

 Build and maintain a website

Santa Fe Botanical Garden Responsibilities:

 Meet with staff to develop a work plan for the project, including the scope and sequence of tasks at the Wetland Preserve and public garden

 Collaborate with the staff to develop a list of plants to target for removal

 Maintain trails through mulching, removal of plants encroaching on trails, and other methods

 Remove invasive species, working with the Adopt an Invasive program

 Research and identify native plants to replace invasive species

 Build benches with wood harvested from invasive tree species

 Collaborate with the Institute for Applied Ecology, a partner helping with restoration of Monarch and pollinator habitat on SFBG property, to restore an area dedicated to promotion of milkweed and nectar plants for pollinator habitat

 Attend classes and outings offered by SFBG and partners

 Identify other areas of interest with the team members and, with the help of the Education Director, find ways to learn about these themes through classes, readings, or other resources

 Work with SFBG Education Director to create a presentation for the public, celebrating work accomplished over the course of the project

 Learn to build and maintain a website

 Document restoration and improvement progress through a website

Other Requirements:

 Some weekend and occasional evening hours required, necessitating a flexible schedule.

 Strong communication skills, both writing and oral.

 Collaborative and flexible personality.

Physical Requirements Regularly











Reaching – with Arms and Hands