Domestic Waste Team Leader

New Mexico Environment Department
Ground Water Quality Bureau
Santa Fe, NM
Closing Date: February 12, 2019
Why does the job exist?
This position ensures consistency and timely agency action regarding domestic and municipal wastewater related discharge permits issued pursuant to New Mexico’s Ground and Surface Water Protection regulations (20.6.2 NMAC). The position directly supervises 3 to 4 technical staff, serves as a highly specialized technical position within the bureau regarding domestic and municipal wastewater issues, guides bureau staff in processing domestic wastewater discharge permit applications, and manages a limited caseload of permits.
How does it get done? 
This position’s duty is to protect New Mexico’s residents and groundwater by working to establish and maintain compliance with the state’s Ground and Surface Water Protection regulations by entities, including many of the state’s businesses and government organizations, whose wastewater discharges might adversely impact groundwater.
Ideal Candidate?
The ideal candidate for this position is an individual with considerable technical expertise in domestic and municipal wastewater treatment and operations, a reasonable amount of experience evaluating groundwater hydrology, with pertinent or similar regulatory experience, and with personnel management skills capable of creating and maintaining a cadre of motivated and competent program staff.

This position is a Pay Band 80. The mid-point salary for this pay band is $62,586 annually.
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